Repeal the Liberal/National Land Clearing Laws

In the final week of NSW Parliament for 2016, the Liberal/National Government passed weakened biodiversity laws that green light the destruction of native vegetation and wildlife throughout NSW, and endanger precious habitats. 

These laws are the biggest step backwards in environmental protection in decades, making it easier to clear land, harm animals as well as expanding the flawed biodiversity offset system.

They must be repealed and a stronger system of environmental protections put in place.


Dear NSW Parliament,

In the final week of NSW Parliament in 2016, the Liberal/National Government rushed through the two bills that are the biggest step backwards in NSW's environmental history.

The Local Land Services Amendment Bill 2016 and the Biodiversity Conservation Bill 2016 will lead to a massive expansion of land-clearing, the release of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases adding to the climate change emergency and an acceleration in the loss of already threatened species.

It will expand the flawed biodiversity offset system which is already failing the environment. For the first time, proponents can now just pay into a fund, instead of even locating offsets .

The environment is already under unprecedented threat from climate change and land clearing and these laws will irreversibly destroy what precious little we have left.

We demand that these laws be repealed and replaced with laws that actually protect wildlife, stop broad scale clearing and preserve and improve our environment.