Ban on Greyhound Racing!

Dear Premier Gladys Berejiklian,

On 7 July 2016, the former Premier Mike Baird made the right decision in announcing a ban on greyhound racing, backed up by overwhelming evidence delivered by a 13 month investigation by a Special Commission of Inquiry.

Just 3 months later, Mike Baird gave in to the Murdoch Media, the NSW Labor Party and gambling interests following their dishonest campaign. And in April 2017, the Labor and Liberal/National parties combined to overturn the ban. Even worse, $41 million of taxpayer money will now go to the industry.

But the cruelty hasn't gone away. Mike Baird himself dismissed the idea that the industry could be reformed. As long as there is greyhound racing, there will be live baiting, drugging, animal abuse and the continued killing of thousands of dogs. The overwhelming majority of people want a ban.

The industry cannot, and will not be reformed. I urge you to ban greyhound racing and stop any public money going towards this blood sport.